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New Parking / Towing Laws

August 12th, 2013 No comments

Senate Bill 5849 – Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Drivers who park improperly in a parking space that is clearly marked and designated for charging an electric car will be fined $124.00. This bill is to prevent gasoline powered vehicles from taking up valuable charging station spaces. This bill also allows for fines against electric car drivers who only park their electric car in the charging station, but do not actually charge their car. 

House Bill 1625 – Tow Truck Fees – Tow Truck fees are now capped at $270.00 to tow a vehicle and impound it for half a day, and capped at $60.00 for each day after that. 

Suspended Driver License Information

April 19th, 2013 No comments

If you think your license is suspended or revoked for, you may contact Washington State Department of Licensing at their website: to find out your license status.

If your license is currently suspended or revoked then go to the DOL website (Click here) to get personalized instructions for what you need to do to reinstate your Washington driver license. Please have your drivers license number and other personal information ready. 

Then call attorney Paul Hanson at tel. (425) 778-7339 for a free first consultation. He can help you get your driver license back.