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Archive for September 2015

New 2015 DUI Laws (Continued)

New 2015 DUI Law (Continued) DUI Drivers Driving Without Valid Licenses, Auto Insurance or Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs) – A mandatory 30 day jail sanction must be imposed by the court for any DUI driver probation who drives without a valid license, auto insurance, or a functioning Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in their vehicle. Open…

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New 2015 DUI Laws (Cont.)

New 2015 DUI Laws (Continued) 24/7 Alcohol Monitoring by Courts – Courts may now order pretrial 24/7 alcohol monitoring on DUI defendants facing a second or subsequent DUI charge in a lifetime. Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs) Violation Penalties – Defendants convicted of IID violations will now have their sentences now consecutively added to any DUI…

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New 2015 DUI Laws

New 2015 DUI Laws Effective September 26, 2015, several new DUI laws go into effect. Among these are: Ignition Interlock Licenses (IILs) – The Department of Licensing is now permitted to issue temporary Ignition Interlock Licenses (IILs) to Washington residents authorized to drive with out of state licenses. This will mostly affect military personnel stationed…

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Breathalyzers in Bars –

More than 100 bars in Western Washington have installed new breathalyzer machines in recent weeks. The machines are part of a new project by a retired construction manager. Bob Brazel says his machines come pre-calibrated and are supposed to be 95% accurate, but he wants to make it clear that law enforcement is the only…

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