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Archive for December 2015

Washington State Wrongful Conviction Statute

In 2013 Washington State enacted a wrongful conviction statute. RCW 4.100 streamlines the procedures for those wrongfully convicted to obtain compensation. The statute offers such persons $50,000 per year of incarceration, plus additional benefits, such as a tuition waiver at state colleges for themselves and their minor children. Call Lynnwood / Shoreline criminal defense lawyer…

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Expunging Old Criminal Records

Proposed Legislature in the upcoming January 2016 Washington Legislature session will include making it easier to clear old criminal records for misdemeanor convictions and creating sanctions for private internet companies who obtain official criminal record databases but never later remove court vacated convictions and dismissals. Contact Lynnwood Shoreline criminal defense lawyer Paul Hanson for more…

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Criminal Charges – New 2016 Proposed Legislation

There will be several criminal legislative proposals in the upcoming January 2016 Washington Legislative session. Some of these are increasing eligibility for the residential drug offender treatment programs, decriminalizing minor driving without license offenses, and abolishing the death penalty. Contact Lynnwood / Shoreline criminal defense attorney Paul Hanson for more information.  

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Criminal Charges – For the Non US Citizen

Even a simple Theft 3° shoplifting conviction can have serious immigration consequences for a non US citizen. Same for a DUI conviction. Strangely, under current immigration law, these misdemeanor offenses can even have more harmful immigration consequences than more serious felony offenses, such as burglary, possession of stolen property or even robbery! So non citizens…

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