Reviews For Paul Hanson

Posted by "anonymous", May 20, 2021 “Knows his stuff”

Paul is a hard worker that knows his stuff. Helped to guide me step by step and when my day in court came the court was persuaded to meet our requests. Very easy to work with and got the job done.

Posted by "anonymous", February 1, 2021 “Excellent Results”

Paul was my saving grace in a very stressful situation. Because of his expertise, hard work and compassionate support, Paul was able to guide me through an overwhelming court system.

Posted by Jim T, December 3, 2020 “Best Defense Lawyer for DUI”

Paul Hanson is the lawyer you need if you are charged with a DUI. He's experienced, knows how to navigate the legal system, and will get you the best outcome. But more than that, he'll look at your personal situation, and make recommendation to get you free of your addiction. That's what he did for me. I had a drinking problem, got into legal hot water because of it. In our initial meeting, he asked me a lot of important questions about my drinking. Thanks to him, I came to the conclusion that I did have a problem. He guided me not only through the legal issues, but also to get help for my addiction.

Mt. Hanson is not only focused on helping his clients to deal with legalities, he also helps his clients resolve their addictions.

I so recommend him.

Jim T.

Posted by Tended K, August 3, 2020 “Paul hanson is a very good attorney”

paul hanson is very good attorney,he offered me free consultation,advised me of the outcome of my case ahead of time,he asked bout my expectations,told him and fought for me and got me a desired outcome,he is a good communicator,he responds to messages and phone calls even at ungodly hour,he is calm and understanding and knows how best to negotiate with persecutors to get his clients what they want. hire him u will never regret.

Posted by Anonymous, February 26, 2020 "Excellent Results"

I hired Paul to vacate an old conviction in Lynnwood. He was very knowledgeable and told my about all my options and a new law, which I was never aware of. He was very detailed in following up and foreseeing any potential issues which may come up before our hearing. At the hearing you can tell Paul was in his element and knew everyone at the courthouse. We appeared in front of a tough judge, but my conviction was vacated no problem. I would definitely hire Paul again.

Posted by Thor, August 1, 2019, "Paul Hanson is the best"

Paul Hanson is an absolutely amazing lawyer! He gave me excellent advice and really helped me through the whole process. He fought very hard for my case and helped reduce my sentence and get me results I wanted. I highly recommend Paul Hanson.

Posted by Mayra, July 16, 2019

Attorney Paul Hanson is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He knows exactly what he is doing. When others gave me little or no hope, Mr Hanson let me know that even though my case would be difficult, it was not impossible. He was right! He was able to reduce my DUI down to a negligent driving 1*. I recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Posted by Brianne, February 2019

Paul was a delight to work with, very knowledgeable and explains everything so that anyone can understand. I am not very good with law/court etc. And felt very good and confident the whole way through my defered prosecution process. I would highly recommend him!

Posted by Matthew, December 2018

Paul is a very professional, affordable Dui specialty lawyer. Paul has helped me with two separate cases now, and both are able to get me the most favorable outcomes. Very sincere counsel. Once you have an experienced attorney on your side, the anxiety of the case is relieved. Paul is very good at explaining situations to clients to the point that they fully understand the possible outcomes. I plan on using Paul in any future legal troubles and is highly recommended to anyone who needs legal advice/counsel.

Posted by Dave, July 2018

Paul was everything I expected of a professional attorney. He effectively communicates your legal options and does not over promise your possible result. Paul promptly returned all my requests for additional legal advise. Paul helped to greatly minimize the stress related to my DUI arrest and handled the numerous legal requirements. You can trust Paul to provide the best legal services in King/Snohomish counties.

Posted by Wayne, June 2018

If you want peace of mind after your DUI contact Paul. I had the unfortunate case of being arrested for a DUI. I am 50 and never had any record of any legal issues. It occurred over the weekend and my court date was on Monday. I was crushed and anxious. I searched through the web and read many reviews. I called a several, but Paul was the most reassuring and calm. I decided to go with him. I was glad I did. Every person I communicated with from the Bothell court house to treatment centers to interlock companies, knew his name and spoke very highly of him. I felt assured every step of the way that I made the right choice. He definitely looks at your case as a unique case and gives the best suggestion for you; not just a cookie cutter response. I successfully got a DP judgement and happy with the out come. Thanks Paul!!

Posted by Brandon, September 7, 2017. “Excellent Lawyer”

Paul Was kind, compassionate and always on his game. He walked me every step of the way through my DUI deferred prosecution. Things couldn't gone any better!!!! This guy knows his stuff, I would recommend him to anyone, anytime.

Posted by Bolortsetseg, August 2017

He did very good job. I would recommend to everyone.

Posted by Mac, July 2017. “Paul Hanson is the Best!”

The most professional. Attentive and courteous. A pleasure doing business with you Mr. Hanson.

Posted by anonymous, July 26, 2017. “Settled 2nd DUI with no jail time and license suspencion”

He did settled my husband's 2nd DUI with no jail time and no lisence suspencion. I would reccomend him to everyone. He always answers his calls anytime of the day. I had really good experience working with him. Thank you again!

Posted by Sean, July 2017

Helped my all the way through my case and did an excellent job.

Posted by Brad, May 2017

I contacted five different law offices with legal questions and Paul Hanson was the only lawyer that returned my call. Where I needed assistance wasn't his main practice but he was able to refer me to some body who could help in my situation. I would recommend and would use Paul Hanson in the future for the simple fact that he is willing to take the time to help even when nobody else will. Kudos to you Mr. Hanson, your a better man than most.

Posted by John, January 12, 2017. "Trust in this man"

I have never had the pleasure of meeting an attorney that stays on point and finishes the deal. Paul went above and beyond what i expected. You will not be disappointed with his knowledge of the law and the court system.........

Attorney Comment: [“This successful criminal case defense resulted in dismissal of both charges. It depended on tracking down potential defense witnesses whose testimony was crucial in establishing the client's innocence.”]

Posted by "Peace", December 2016. "Traffic issue"

In November 2011 I found myself in need of the legal services of an attorney. A friend of mine who is a judge, gave me Paul Hansen’s name along with two others. I contacted Paul after talking with the other two, and found him more responsive and personable. Paul handled my case with professionalism and efficiency. I was very happy with the support and compassion he displayed throughout this troublesome period. I recommend anyone who finds themselves in need of legal services to contact Paul.

Attorney Comment: ["This case involved expunging an old criminal conviction which might have caused problems for my client in the future. Glad we were successful in getting it expunged.”]

Posted by "Anonymous", October 2016. "Good Result!"

I got couple of speeding tickets and a friend of mine advised to at least consult a attorney, even if you plan to pay them. I wasn't sure what my options were and how I could retain my otherwise clean record. Paul was extremely nice, helpful and gave me valuable advise and options; I ended up hiring Paul and I got the result I wanted. Paul took over and made the experience smooth and stress free and yes he returned all my calls!

Posted by Cosmin, August 2016

Just want to let know my appreciation over Mr. Hanson work. My case was assault 4th degree and DV. He did a great job working closely with prosecution office and I had the opportunity to deferred prosecution. My case closed today 08/04/2016. I much appreciate Mr. Hanson help reviewing my case, explaining me my option that I have.
Thank again for your help

Posted by Jared, August 2016

Excellent experience and very professional to work with...he knows the system and is up-front about all the potential outcomes. I've worked in law firms for many years and I have a very busy work schedule, so I appreciate that he just took care of business and followed up with me as the case progressed until its resolution. Thank you! - Jared (Lynnwood, WA)

Posted by Lindsay, July 2016

Paul is an excellent lawyer and takes his time and effort in everything he does. He explains everything in terms you understand and gives great advice! He even gave me a 2 hour consult BEFORE I hired him on a SATURDAY because my schedule was so tight. His rates are extremely reasonable and I trusted him 100% the entire experience.

Posted by "a client", June 2016.  "Great advice & attorney, don't deviate from his guidance for best result"

Paul is very experienced in the DUI space and the associated legal processes. He knows exactly how the process works and guides you step by step all the way. My recommendation is to do exactly as he recommends and complete all the steps asked of you - ahead of time. If you do, you will be in a much better position and any court case will end up more favorable. I ended up with a Reckless Driving for something that could have been a lot more severe. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone in a DUI situation - he was very thorough, even visiting the scene of the arrest with me and re-tracing the steps of the night.

Posted by Ronald, April 2016. "Paul Hanson They don't get better than Him!"

Unbelievable person, compassionate, kind, understanding and smart as a whip. This man knows his law. We were referred to him by a really good attorney in Bellingham, Wa. who couldn't take our case. No longer dealing in the offence. He, Mr. Joe Bartek was 100% right about Mr. Hanson, He finished with our case on the 2nd court appearance. He is extremely thorough and precise. Explains everything very clearly. He's a happy person and it shows, great smile. To be honest my husband and I miss seeing him but not under court circumstances but HIGHLY recommend him. Do yourself a favor, make your life problems as we all have at times, easier. call him now if you need the best legal advice. You'll agree, excellent . Thank you Mr. Paul Hanson. Ron and Jackie Hascoolidge

Posted by  "a client", February 2016. "Excellent Attorney"

Paul is very friendly and helped me get a hit-and-run completely dismissed. I would highly recommend him. He has a lot of experience and very knowledgeable in the legal field.

Posted by Michelle, December 2015. "Extremely Thorough and Knowledgeable"

Attorney Paul Hanson was referred to me by a good friend of mine after I had landed myself my first adult DUI after being on probation for a minor DUI that was a little over a year prior to this case. I feared that the worst was going to happen to me, until I had my initial consultation with Paul and he made me feel instantly at ease and dedicated over 2 hours of his time to explain to me what my options were and carefully explained every little detail of each process as well as gathering as much information regarding my recent and past case. I went ahead and decided to go in the route of a Deferred Prosecution and with the help of Paul, he made the process as smooth as it possibly go by walking me through each step to get me to where I needed to be in order to get me the best deal possible. On my final court date, the judge granted me my Deferred Prosecution with a smile and without any hesitation! I can't thank Paul enough for all of his hard work and dedication. I would highly recommend him, hands down.

Posted by Chris, September 2015“Follow his advice”

Whatever he tells you will help your case, do it. Don't put it off, make it your priority. Meet with someone? Do it. Start going to support groups? It's in your best interest. Eat Victoria sponge cake? Trust him, he's telling you for a reason that will help your case.

I did exactly as he suggested and everything turned out fantastic. Better than I could have reasonably hoped for.

Posted by Selam, July 2015“Wonderful Attorney”

Attorney Paul Hanson is a wonderful lawyer. He listens and understands situations very well. Provides excellent clarification of unique situations in a simple manner. He walks me through my legal issues step by step. It was helpful on every step of the way.
I had a car accident situation. I was hurt and needed medical attention for few years. He took my case and did a consistent follow up till I settled the expenses for my medical bills, work compensation and pain and suffering reimbursement.
I highly recommend. He is very nice, knowledgeable, respectful, punctual, non-judgmental and available at any time.

Posted by Jason, June 2015“Happy”

Paul is great to work with.I chose him because I thought he would have a good repore with the Judge and prosecutors. He did. He told me he would proceed any way I wanted to. You don't hear that to often. We followed his advise, which led to a dismissal of both my charges. His office is high end, easy to get to, and lots of parking. His prices are a bit lower than you would expect.
I don't plan on being back in the court system, but if I do. I will definetly have Paul at my side.

Posted by A Client, June 2015Car Accident Settlement

Paul handled my speeding ticket several years ago, so when I was rear ended last fall with both of my kids in the car he was the first attorney I thought of to go to. After months of doctor, chiropractic and massage appointments I was ready to settle and be done with this. Paul was very helpful and kept me informed during the entire process. He was able to get me and my kids several thousand dollars more than I had even hoped for!! I am very happy I used Paul.

Posted by JS, January 2015“Great attorney”

Paul handled my assault 4 case very well and ended up in a dismissal. He is very knowledgeable, caring, and trustworthy person. If you want a good and responsive attorney, call Hanson. He even helped me get this history expunged from my record.

Posted by K.B. July 2013"DUI? Call Paul Hanson."

I hired Paul for a DUI case that was almost 5 years old. He answered all my phone calls, kept me informed on every detail regarding the case. I felt confident in Paul's ability and he gave me a list of tasks that I needed to complete to ensure I would receive the best deal possible. I had a high BAC and speed was also a factor in the charges against me. Long story short, DUI was lowered to a lesser charge and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Paul.

Posted by R.L., May 15, 2013

I needed Attorney Hanson's legal expertise to resolve a long standing court docket expunging and was completely satisfied with his services and the matter was quickly resolved. For the best legal advise and representation, see Paul Hanson, Attorney at Law.

Posted by Car Accident client in 2013:  "Paul is able to do what he tells you he can do."

I contacted Paul, along with several other attorneys, for a hit and run unattended charge. Paul was less expensive then the rest, and seemed more knowledgable. I hired him, and he explained my options, and possible outcomes. We proceded down a path that led to a dismissal of the charge. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Paul is a very good attorney, he knows the law and will help you out of your misstep.

Posted by Speeding Ticket client in 2012:  "Great Attorney at What He does"

I had a speeding ticket that I felt was unfair. Called Paul he explained what the procedure and costs would be. Told me what the up and downsides were. Estimated what my chances were to have it reduced or possibly dismissed. Called and kept me informed. He got it dismissed. Reasonable price, great service and got the job done.
Hope I do not need him again, but if I did would look forward to working with him.

Posted by Melanie in 2012:  "Silver lining to auto accident" 

Mr. Hanson handled my injury case after I was involved in a severe automobile accident. Not only did he advise me with regards to all of my doctor and chiropractor appointments, but he and his paralegals handled all of the billing issues once I had recovered. He puts your well-being ahead of his own and makes sure you're taken care of in every single respect.
He handles his cases ethically, in the most professional manner and does a wonderful job of reassuring you that everything will be ok. I would recommend him to anyone who has been involved in an automobile accident.

Posted by Debbie in 2012:  "Client Comes 1st"

Mr Hanson represented me after a serious auto accident in 2004. No matter how bad my days were while going through my recovery, he was always supportive and encouraging, and reached out to me on countless occasions, just to see how I was doing. He and his paralegal team are topnotch; he advised me early about what I could to to help my case, and did not press for the final settlement until I was clearly healed and moving ahead with my life, over 2 years after the incident. I have referred him to family as well, and he has proven to be as worthy of my recommendations as he was with my own case. Thank goodness for attorneys like Paul! I am referring a dear friend to him now for a similar situation, and am fully confident that he will put their best interests ahead of his own.

Posted by Lindsay in 2009:  "The Best!!!"

This was my first ticket and he was great! he was very honest, kept me informed and explained the entire process. I was referred to him by two other people.

Posted Dianna in 2009:  "Great Lawyer!"

Paul was great to work with! His aim for the case was about getting the most money of the settlement back into my pocket. Being a student, I have very little income. Paul took the time to negotiate for several days with insurance companies to get them to reduce the pay back amount. I appreciated that he was very prompt with all paper work and gave very clear advice and instructions for what my responsibilities of the case were. His office staff was also very helpful and friendly, which was a change from the last law office I called. Overall, it was a great experience and I would use him again for another case.

Posted by DUI Client in 2007:  "Great DUI Attorney" 

Paul really helped me out with my DUI. I would reccomend him to anyone who needs a DUI attorney!