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Archive for February 2016

Traffic Questions answered by WSP Trooper

Click here to go to my facebook page, and check out King 5’s Q&A with WSP Trooper Heather Axtman regarding traffic law. Trooper Axtman answers everything from school zone laws, to carpool violations to slow drivers in the fast lane (that is a $136 ticket FYI). Check out the video, then call Lynnwood / Shoreline Traffic Lawyer…

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New Texting While Driving Traffic Offense

House Bill 2574 has been recently introduced in the 2016 Legislative session which would greatly restrict the current texting while driving offense. The proposed bill would bar any use of a mobile phone for data receipt or entry, even while stopped at stop signs or intersections. Only drivers  who pull completely off the roadway and…

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Traffic Ticket Deadline

Many drivers receiving traffic tickets are unaware that there is a strict 15 day deadline to deliver their filled out ticket copy to the listed court, with either the full penalty $ payment included or their request to contest their ticket. Failure to do so within the 15 day deadline will result in the court…

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