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Possible New Marijuana related laws?

February 27th, 2013 No comments

Two marijuana related bills are now pending in the Washington Legislature.

One would let people have their old misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions vacated / expunged off their criminal records.

The other would block police from arresting medical marijuana patients.

Both bills are a Legislative follow in response to Initiative 502 (Marijuana Legalization Initiative) which became law on December 6, 2012, which allows adults over 21 to possess up to an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana for personal consumption within the State of Washington. However, these bills face opposition from state prosecutors which may prevent their passage. So stay tuned.

Read the full article HERE.

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Marijuana DUI Information

February 12th, 2013 No comments

This interesting video on Kiro News 7 shows that most drivers wont even feel affected when they go over the new marijuana THC legal limit of 5 nanograms when driving. Marijuana users have to be very very careful when driving. You cant just go by whether or not you feel high. You will usually be way over the 5 nanogram legal limit by then.

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DUI Deferred Prosecution Information

February 4th, 2013 No comments

The Snohomish County District Court must receive all Defendants" Petitions for Deferred Prosecutions at least seven days before their Trial Readiness Hearing date(s).

The probation departments of each court division will then carefully review each Petition for Deferred Prosecution to check if the Defendant has completed at least 36 hours of Phase I Intensive Outpatient Treatment at their treatment agency.  They will also check to see if Defendants are attending at least two AA meetings per week since starting treatment.

Failure to meet those requirements will result in the probation department recommending to the judge that they not approve the Deferred Prosecution.