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Over 5,000 Distracted Drivers Stopped Since New Laws Began

November 21st, 2017 No comments

Since last July 2017 when Washington State started enforcing stricter distracted driving laws, WSP Troopers have stopped 5,083 drivers for operating a vehicle and holding an electronic device at the same time. That is just over 43 drivers per day. Of these 5,083 distracted drivers, only 770 received citations, with most only receiving a warning. However a WSP spokesman says the grace period of only getting a warning is almost up. WSP will soon ticket ALL distracted drivers. Fines start at $136 and can affect your car insurance rates.

Driving While Sleep Impaired Traffic Offenses

September 20th, 2016 No comments

Many Washington drivers are unaware that they can be charged for sleep impaired dangerous driving. Driving after 18 hours without sleep mimics a 0.05% blood alcohol concentration. Driving after 21 hours without sleep mimics driving over the 0.08% legal limit for alcohol (Source: 2016 Governors Highway Safety Association). So legally driving with too little sleep is equivocal to driving with too much alcohol.

If you fall asleep at the wheel and kill or seriously injure someone, you could be charged with the felony crimes of Vehicular Homicide or Vehicular Assault. If you cause minor injury or serious property damage, you could be charged with the gross misdemeanor offense of Reckless Driving. If you cause a fender bender or no accident, then you could be charged with the traffic infraction of Negligent Driving 2nd degree.

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Lynnwood Traffic Camera Tickets

June 28th, 2016 No comments

The City of Lynnwood pioneered the use of red light intersection and school zone speeding traffic cameras about 10 years ago. So far its one of the very few cities in Snohomish County to use them.

Red light cameras operate in several major Lynnwood intersections. School zone speeding cameras operate during the school day. The Lynnwood Police Department claims these cameras have reduced intersection collisions and school zone pedestrian injuries. But they admit that they have no hard data to support this claim.

If ticketed through a traffic camera, the car owner (not the car driver) receives a ticket in the mail several weeks later. The penalty is currently $134.00. The ticketed car owner can review the camera video before deciding whether to fight or pay it. However, traffic camera tickets do not go on the car owner’s Washington driving record so auto insurance rates are not affected.

For more information, call Lynnwood / Shoreline traffic ticket lawyer Paul Hanson. And whenever you (or someone you know) want to fight any traffic ticket issued in Snohomish and King Counties. Attorney Paul Hanson has over 33 years experience in traffic ticket clients. Just call (425) 778-7339 for a free first consultation (office visit or phone call).

Drivers Beware: Cops now go undercover to catch distracted drivers in Washington State

June 23rd, 2016 No comments

The person standing on the street corner, wearing regular clothing, might just cost you a $136 ticket. Local law enforcement are now going undercover to catch drivers talking on their cell phones. The undercover officer is in plain clothes, and after spotting you talking on your phone while driving, will radio to the patrol car to pull you over and ticket you. Deputies say they can ticket up to 50 drivers an hour this way.

From 2014 to 2015 there was a 30% increase in deaths from distracted driving. That accounts for about 40 more people killed in that time. Deputies hope this emphasis patrol will cause people to change their driving behavior and save lives.

The sheriff’s office has produced a video showing how easy it is for them to find and ticket distracted drivers.


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Traffic Ticket Deadline

February 1st, 2016 No comments

Many drivers receiving traffic tickets are unaware that there is a strict 15 day deadline to deliver their filled out ticket copy to the listed court, with either the full penalty $ payment included or their request to contest their ticket. Failure to do so within the 15 day deadline will result in the court referring their ticket to a collection agency within 15 days. And notifying the Washington State Department of Licensing, who in turn will suspend the driver’s license until the ticket is paid. Many drivers find this out the hard way when stopped months later for a minor traffic violation. The police officer suddenly informs them that they cannot just drive away because their license is suspended for an unpaid ticket.

Lynnwood Traffic Tickets

Lynnwood Traffic Tickets

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Speeding Ticket “Hot Spots"

July 20th, 2015 No comments

Speeding remains the most ticketed highway violation around the Puget Sound. The violations are concentrated to very specific areas you could call ticket “hot spots".

Troopers admittedly target areas known for trouble to reduce fatal accidents, but why specific miles within those target areas see a sudden spike in ticket activity is less scientific:

  • An HOV on ramp makes it easy for troopers to pull over, track a driver"s speed and then merge back into traffic.
  • Just after a congested area, where a driver is more likely to speed, making up for lost time.

Similar scenarios were found at other hot spots in the region.  Mr. Hanson can defend you in a speeding or other infraction ticket.

Lynnwood Traffic Ticket Lawyer Paul Hanson

Lynnwood Traffic Ticket Lawyer Paul Hanson

HOV Ticket Price Increase

July 20th, 2015 No comments

Beginning this month, the cost of a HOV (carpool lane) violation ticket has increased to $136. The WSP says that HOV violations are the number one citizen reported driving violation, with an average of 80 calls and emails each day. Since 2012 the number of HOV violations has increased by 77%. Through May of this year, WSP has written almost half a million dollars-worth of HOV violations in just King County. Attorney Hanson handles HOV violation tickets.


Washington State HOV Sign

Washington State HOV Sign


Trial Victory in a Driving While License Suspended 2° case

July 16th, 2015 No comments

Yesterday I won a Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) 2nd Degree trial because the Prosecution failed to provide it"s key driving record evidence to the defense before the trial started. That is a serious violation of the court rules and the rules of evidence. Yet people defending themselves without a lawyer, and even some defense lawyers sometimes, proceed to trial without knowing whether they have all the Prosecution"s important evidence, called “Discovery". That is a serious mistake which can be avoided only by hiring an experienced defense attorney.

Move Over.. Its the Law

January 20th, 2015 No comments

In 2011 a law was passed requiring motorists to “move over". When a driver in the right lane comes within 200 feet of an emergency vehicle (police, fire, aid, tow truck or DOT truck) they must move to the next lane, as long as it is safe to do so. If they are unable to move left, they are required to slow down.
The Washington State Patrol has recently gone to Twitter and Facebook to try to educate the public. This law is to save lives. The lives of our law enforcement, firemen and every other citizen who may be stopped alongside the road. The WSP is handing out pamphlets to violators in hopes of educating them.
This infraction is punishable by a $190 fine. WSP hopes to change the public behavior, so that it will become automatic when you see an emergency vehicle on the shoulder to move over and slow down.


New DUI Laws: Wrong Way Driving

December 19th, 2013 No comments

Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 5912 was signed into law on July 18, 2013 and became effective on September 28, 2013.


Another new tougher DUI sentencing factor:

Wrong way driving on a multi lane highway with a speed limit of 45 mph or greater mustnow be considered an aggravating factor at DUI sentencing (along with child passengers under 16 and accidents).

An “aggravating factor” is a special circumstance in a DUI offense which the sentencing judge believes requires more severe punishment than usual.