Speeding Ticket "Hot Spots"

Speeding remains the most ticketed highway violation around the Puget Sound. The violations are concentrated to very specific areas you could call ticket “hot spots”.

Troopers admittedly target areas known for trouble to reduce fatal accidents, but why specific miles within those target areas see a sudden spike in ticket activity is less scientific:

  • An HOV on ramp makes it easy for troopers to pull over, track a driver’s speed and then merge back into traffic.
  • Just after a congested area, where a driver is more likely to speed, making up for lost time.

Similar scenarios were found at other hot spots in the region.  Mr. Hanson can defend you in a speeding or other infraction ticket.

Lynnwood Traffic Ticket Lawyer Paul Hanson

Lynnwood Traffic Ticket Lawyer Paul Hanson

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