Breathalyzers in Bars –

More than 100 bars in Western Washington have installed new breathalyzer machines in recent weeks. The machines are part of a new project by a retired construction manager.

Bob Brazel says his machines come pre-calibrated and are supposed to be 95% accurate, but he wants to make it clear that law enforcement is the only group with an always accurate breathalyzer. He said he started this project because he feels like the area could use something like this device.

“I like the idea that people can self-monitor in the bars and they really have no idea if they’re over the limit or not,” Brazel said. “What this gives the customer is a chance to get an indication of where they are in the blood alcohol.”

“The response from bars has been very good,” Brazel said.

A portion of the proceeds are going to Northwest Harvest. In just one month Brazel’s business has donated enough money to feed 1200 families of three. Brazel said he hopes to install more machines in the area in the weeks to come and hopefully bring them for events, weddings, and other functions

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