Move Over.. Its the Law

In 2011 a law was passed requiring motorists to “move over”. When a driver in the right lane comes within 200 feet of an emergency vehicle (police, fire, aid, tow truck or DOT truck) they must move to the next lane, as long as it is safe to do so. If they are unable to move left, they are required to slow down.
The Washington State Patrol has recently gone to Twitter and Facebook to try to educate the public. This law is to save lives. The lives of our law enforcement, firemen and every other citizen who may be stopped alongside the road. The WSP is handing out pamphlets to violators in hopes of educating them.
This infraction is punishable by a $190 fine. WSP hopes to change the public behavior, so that it will become automatic when you see an emergency vehicle on the shoulder to move over and slow down.


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