Seattle Municipal Court Warrant Outreach Event

Today from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM the Seattle Municipal Court is hosting a Warrant Outreach Event at the Rainier Beach Community Center, located at 8825 Rainier Ave S. in Seattle.

Court officials say this is not a trap. There will not be police waiting to arrest you. It is just for you to come in and learn about your case options and to possibly resolve your warrant. Outstanding warrants can hinder the types of services you might need; such as housing, licenses and job employment.

“We won’t have the police behind the door in the back. This is an opportunity for individuals to find out how they can resolve their warrants,” Presiding Judge Edward McKenna said. “Most warrants that have been issued are really minor amounts which provides a great opportunity for individuals to resolve those and they don’t necessarily have to go to jail.”

This unique Warrant Outreach Event is a collaboration between the Seattle Municipal Court, King County Department of Public Defense, Seattle City Attorney’s Office, Seattle Police Department, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the Seattle Human Services Department.

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