Seattle Car Insurance Rates

A recent Seattle area study found that having traffic tickets on your driving record significantly increases your auto insurance rates. Especially for younger drivers (16 to 24) . Quote Wizard, an insurance comparison website, commissioned a just released study to obtain a snapshot of Seattle’s car insurance market. The study surveyed 500 Seattle based drivers.

The average monthly insurance costs for drivers with tickets on their driving record was $156 a month verses only $134 a month for drivers without tickets. That’s a $22.00 a month difference. Since auto insurance companies typically base their rates on the last 3 years of the driving record, which means an average extra cost of $792.00 for drivers with tickets.  

So it pays to fight a traffic ticket, especially if you’re under 25. Especially since the typical attorney fee is only $250 – $350.

Contact Lynnwood / Shoreline traffic ticket lawyer Paul Hanson at 425-778-7339 for more information. He has over 33 years experience defending traffic tickets in Snohomish and King County.

Traffic Lawyers, Lynnwood, WA

Traffic Lawyers, Lynnwood, WA

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