New Laws involving Alcohol

Several new laws involving alcohol took effect in Washington State on Sunday, July 28th, 2013.

House Bill 1001 and Senate Bill 5607 allows theaters to sell alcohol to customers over 21 years old.

Senate Bill 5396 allows businesses that sell hard liquor to give out small samples of different types of alcohol to patrons.

Senate Bill 5674 allows farmers markets to give out samples of beer and wine.

Senate Bill 5774 allows students (over 18 years old) to taste, and then spit out, alcohol in certain classroom settings. This is to give a boost to community and technical colleges with alcohol or culinary degree programs.

House Bill 1001 changes the way self-checkout machines ring up alcohol orders at grocery stores. This bill requires that the self-checkout machines freeze transactions involving alcohol sales until an employee verifies that the buyer is over 21 years old.

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