New DUI Laws: For Repeat Offenders, Ankle Bracelets and In-Home Breath Alcohol Tests

In September, 2013 new DUI laws will be going into effect for repeat DUI offenders in three counties and two cities. Such offenders can avoid jail time with 24/7 breath alcohol monitoring programs.

Offenders could be given ankle bracelets that detect alcohol use from their sweat. Remote breath alcohol tests could be installed in their homes. And they could be assigned a portable breath testing device that looks like a cell phone but which detects alcohol.

Most of these breath testing devices take digital photographs of the test subject to make sure the offender is the one actually giving the sample.

If someone tests positive for alcohol use, or tampers with the testing equipment, they will be sent straight to jail to serve out their sentence.

This is a special pilot test program. If successful, it will eventually be used statewide. 


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