Individual Deferred Prosecution Results

I received this wonderful follow-up letter the other day from a former Deferred Prosecution client. 


Good afternoon Mr. Hanson,

Almost five years ago, you helped me turn an embarrassing DUI into the ultimate positive turning point of my life. I can now confidently say that it was the best thing that could happen to me. I am forever grateful that [redacted] gave me your name, and furthermore that you asked if I actually wanted to quit drinking. I know that it’s your job to represent your client’s wishes, but I honestly don’t know how you had the faith in me to follow through with the deferred prosecution program and sobriety. I’m certain I thought of myself as a lost cause, but you saw through all of that and gave me a chance to do the right thing. Thank you sir, from myself and on behalf of the loved ones in my wonderful “new” life…. 

Kindest regards,



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