Lynnwood, WA Criminal Lawyer: Vacating (Removing) Old Criminal Record Convictions (Click Here)

Recently Lynnwood attorney Paul Hanson had a client who needed to remove three (3) old drug related criminal convictions incurred years ago while she was addicted to drugs. She had since completely overcame her drug problem and was now trying to get a better job in the medical field. Unfortunately, her old drug convictions were preventing her from getting such work.

So she hired Attorney Hanson to get all her old drug convictions vacated (removed). Since each conviction was in a different court, Attorney Hanson had to file an RCW 9.96.060 Motion to Vacate Conviction in each court. Fortunately, each judge granted her motion to vacate the drug conviction. It took 3 months to do that, but now she can work in the medical field.

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