Should Drivers Contest a Camera Photo Traffic Ticket? (Click Here)

Many Washington drivers are confused about whether to contest or just pay a camera photo traffic infraction ticket. And if they do contest it, should they hire a traffic ticket lawyer?

Unlike traffic tickets issued by police officers, camera photo tickets do not go on the driver’s Washington driving record. They are like parking meter violation tickets. Camera photo tickets are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle, who may or may not be the actual driver. Since it doesn’t go on a driving record, getting a photo traffic ticket does not raise your auto insurance rates.

But it still often makes sense to contest camera photo tickets. If the car owner or driver can take time to go to court, explain any special circumstances, and/or plead a good driving record, the judge will often cut the penalty in half or sometimes even dismiss the camera ticket.

Presently, during the Covid pandemic, most traffic courts are holding their traffic ticket contested hearings online, via Zoom or a similar website. So, there is usually no need to physically go to the courthouse anymore. That makes it easier to contest your traffic ticket.

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