Help Your Case Defense. Do Voluntary Community Service. (Click Here)

Lynnwood criminal defense lawyer Paul Hanson learned long ago that clients who voluntarily perform community service before sentencing usually get reduced charges from prosecutors and lighter sentences from judges. Consequently, attorney Hanson strongly encourages all his criminal defendant clients to perform at least 10 hours of voluntary community service in the city or town where the offense was committed.

The most common voluntary community service is work at a local food bank. But community service can also be performed for city/county parks, homeless shelters, wildlife shelters, libraries, hospitals, senior centers and boys/girls sports leagues. Also at local churches/temples that provides free services to the general public.

Clients just need to be sure to obtain letters from these work places that verify their dates /hours of voluntary service. These letters will be presented to the prosecutor & judge at sentencing.

Lynnwood, WA Criminal Defense Lawyers

Lynnwood, WA Criminal Defense Lawyers

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