An Unlawful DUI Traffic Stop Case (click here)

Lynnwood DUI attorney Paul Hanson recently won a DUI client’s Department of Licensing (DOL) driver license suspension telephone hearing on the grounds that the police traffic stop was unlawful. The arresting Snohomish County deputy sheriff received a tip from a passing motorist that the client was earlier seen driving “all over the road” on SR 92 in Granite Falls. The deputy then followed the client’s car for some distance and eventually pulled him over, despite never personally observing any erratic or DUI type driving.

The DOL Hearing Examiner ruled later that the traffic stop was unlawful under Washington law since the deputy sheriff was not able to personally corroborate the tip’s reliability before stopping the client’s car.

Winning this DOL telephone hearing case saved the DUI client from a DOL mandatory 90 day license suspension and three (3) years of required SR22 high risk auto insurance.

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