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Edmonds, WA Criminal Defense Lawyers
Edmonds, WA Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Edmonds Criminal Defense Lawyer

Paul Hanson has over 35 years experience in defending misdemeanor and felony criminal charges throughout Edmonds and Washington State. He practices in all the district and municipal courts in Snohomish County And he helps individuals get old criminal convictions and arrests expunged off their records.

Paul Hanson has obtained the greatest attainable scores from several nationwide lawyer rating companies. An "AV" ranking coming from Martindale-Hubbell and a "10-Superb" rating from Avvo.com. He is also a past Lynnwood City Prosecutor. Edmonds Criminal Defense Lawyer Hanson is extremely knowledgeable, aggressive, affordable, and conveniently located near Edmonds.


A criminal record occurs whenever a person is convicted of a criminal offense by a court. The criminal conviction will usually constantly stay on the individual's state rap sheet till a legal motion (demand) to vacate conviction is brought under RCW 9.96.060 before the same court after a specific time period. For the majority of criminal misdemeanor & gross misdemeanor convictions, the time duration is usually 3 to 5 years after court probation ends and after all monetary commitments owed to the court have been fully pleased. And there need to not be any brand-new criminal convictions/ charges/ arrests given that the conviction looked for to be vacated. If all these preconditions are fulfilled, the majority of municipal & district courts will usually grant movements to vacate a criminal conviction. That results in the individual no longer having a criminal record for that specific conviction.

An individual whose criminal conviction is vacated may legally state on future job applications that he/she has never ever had a criminal record.

Under RCW 9.96.060, a person is limited to just one vacation of a misdemeanor criminal conviction. Convictions for DUIs and certain misdemeanor sex crimes can not be vacated.

Nonconviction data (cops arrest records, prison booking records, fingerprints/ images (mugshots) records, etc) take place whenever a person is arrested/jailed but no criminal charges are ever filed in court. Such nonconviction data are held by Washington State police for several years. Local jailing cops companies & the Washington State Patrol Criminal History Section in Olympia, WA both retain nonconviction data.

Under RCW 10.97.060 and WAC 446-16-025, persons may make written requests to expunge/delete such cops nonconviction data. These requests need to be made to both the regional jailing cops agency and to the Washington State Patrol Criminal History Section in Olympia, WA. Such requests will usually be given if there have been no charges within 2 years of the nonconviction data looked for to be deleted, and over 3 years have passed given that the date of the old arrest.

The site for the Washington State Criminal History Section is http://www.wsp.wa.gov/crime/crimhist.htm.

Nonconviction data, like criminal conviction records, can also be utilized by property owners to reject rental real estate/ homes and by companies to reject job applications, job promos, and so on

. Protect your job and future. Call Edmonds rap sheet expungement legal representative attorney Paul Hanson to assist you clear your old court rap sheet and old cops criminal history. He'll assist vacate you vacate old court criminal convictions and expunge/delete old cops criminal history, arrest records, fingerprints, images and other nonconviction data.

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Edmonds Criminal Defense Lawyers

Need a Edmonds Criminal Defense Lawyer? Free First Phone or Office Legal Consulation