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Portage, WA DUI Attorneys
Portage, WA DUI Attorneys

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Portage, WA DUI Attorneys.

Portage, WA DUI Attorneys


Portage, WA DUIs

Driver License Suspensions

Arrested? Charged With A DUI In Portage, WA? – Not Your Fault? Driver License Suspended

He possesses over 40+ years expertise in defending DUI clients. He has actually received the greatest possible attorney scores by the national attorney ranking services: an “AV” rating by Martindale-Hubbell, and a “10-Superb” rating by Avvo.comLynnwood DUI Attorneys He is a past Lynnwood, WA City Prosecutor. He is very knowledgeable, proficient as well as aggressive. Receive the most ideal dui defense. Receive the attorney you need. Call Portage,WA DUI attorney Paul Hanson with regard to your Cost-free First Consultation.


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Portage DUI, WA Attorneys Military Discount

Special Portage DUI Case Information

DUI is a major offense in King County as well as Washington State, the state along with the toughest DUI laws in the country. Listed below DUI is a gross misdemeanor crime which carries serious fines if founded guilty.

Portage DUI attorney Paul Hanson explores everything, coming from inaccurate blood as well as breath alcohol examinations, to the apprehension location's roadway circumstances in Portage, traffic designs, climate, ecological conditions, as well as your individual medical problems which might influence your authorities blood/breath alcohol examinations. Considering that authorities oversights can easily lead in poor traffic quits as well as inaccurate DUI breath or blood alcohol test results, he is going to thoroughly analyze all of the case evidence to find realities as well as evidence which may assist your defense as well as avoid a DUI judgment of conviction.

Portage, WA DUI Attorney

Being actually charged along with or founded guilty of a Portage, WA DUI can easily come withserious repercussions for you as well as your loved ones:

  • King County or Washington Jail time
  • Mandatory electronic home monitoring (EHM)
  • Fine
  • Trial
  • Washington State Driver's license suspension or repeal
  • Regulation of driving privileges
  • Insurance-- dropped automotive insurance coverage
  • Insurance-- increased automotive fees
  • Obligatory interlock ignition device
  • Alcoholic drinks or medicine treatment
  • No entry into Canada

DUI together with Physical Control laws are really strictly applied within Portage as well as King County, Washington. The present legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08% for adults and .02% for those underneath 21. The legal limit for marijuana DUIs is 5 nanograms for blood THC content. Having said that, you may still be charged with DUI even if you are actually below these limits if the Prosecution can show that you were "affected" or "impaired" by any volume of alcohol, drugs, or both. You can additionally be pronounced guilty of "physical control of vehicle while intoxicated," even if you aren't actually driving the car in Portage, WA at the time of your arrest.

Portage, WA DUI Attorneys

Portage, WA DUI Attorneys


Driver License Suspension Telephone Hearings Information

(For DUI Cases Only)

Your Department of Licensing DRUNK DRIVING driver license suspension proceedings will definitely certainly not be actually heard in King County court of law. Rather it will be actually heard entirely in a telephone conference telephone call through a Department of Licensing (DOL) Hearing officer appointed to your DUI license suspension case. This DOL telephone hearing will certainly be actually set up within 60 days of your DUI arrest date. The appointed DOL Hearing official will phone you as well as your lawyer on your lawyer's office speaker telephone ... or on your own property or cellular phone if you don't possess an attorney.

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Portage, WA DUI Attorneys