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University, WA 98105 Car Accident Lawyers
University, WA 98105 Car Accident Lawyers

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University, WA Car Accident Lawyers

Lawyer Hanson has over 39 yrs experience helping University drivers and also passengers harmed in car accidents not their fault. He is extremely effective in dealing and also negotiating with auto insurance companies & their accident claims adjusters. University, WA Car Accident Lawyer Hanson and also his very experienced paralegal staff are able to obtain reasonable and timely accident insurance claim resolutions for injured clients. They will work hard to obtain a fair Car insurance claim settlement for you.

Some Of Lawyer Hanson's Typical Car Accident Injury Insurance Claim Settlements:

**My carcrash claims range in size from my employee's minor rear end crash $10,500 claim settlement up to a half a million dollars for a very major head on crash.


June, 2015: Collected $44,900.00 insurance coverage negotiation from Omni Insurance and also the Hartford Insurance Companies for client in Mountlake Terrace back side crash with neck and also shoulder injuries.

December, 2014: Collected a $25,000.00 insurance coverage claim negotiation from State Farm Insurance for client in Everett back side crash with neck and also back injuries.

Do not attempt to handle your University, WA caraccident injury claim without a lawyer. Hiring an experienced car or auto accident lawyer to assist you with your car accident injury insurance coverage claim will always lead to better outcome, a much quicker claim settlement, and also far more $ cash in your hands from the car insurance company.


Lawyer Hanson has actually received the highest feasible ratings from the national lawyer score services. An "AV" score from Martindale-Hubbell and also a "10-Superb" score from He is a former Lynnwood, WA City Prosecutor. He is very seasoned, aggressive affordable & comfortably located not far from University, WA Contingency Lawyer Fee only. In the case that no insurance coverage claim settlement gotten, after that no Lawyer fee billed you (only case costs). Lawyer fee billed ONLY if your automobile insurance coverage claim settles with the insurance company and also you receive compensation $ cash for your injuries.


If you are in a car accident including injuries or residential property damage, there are particular points you should adhere to. These activities will assist you avoid potential headaches with insurance coverage claims insurers and also assist you obtain reasonable $ compensation for your bodily injuries and also property damages.

1: If you are harmed in the University car accident then promptly obtain required health-related therapy.

If you are harmed in an automobile accident, promptly obtain all needed health-related therapy. Go to the nearby University, WA healthcare facility emergency clinic, or to your individual doctor. An auto accident injury, if neglected, might end up being substantially worse and also take longer to heal. As well as if you neglect to without delay seek clinical therapy, the to blame driver's insurance coverage claims insurance adjuster might later on believe that your delay indicated that you weren't actually harmed. After that substantially discount your accident injury claim's $ worth.

University, WA Car Accident Lawyers

University, WA Car Accident Lawyers

2: Aid the injured.

If someone is seriously hurt, call 911 or the University, WA police and also tell them an ambulance is needed. Help make the harmed person as comfortable as feasible, yet do not move him or her except if its definitely essential to avoid further injury.

3: Call 911 In Order To Report The University, WA Car Accident.

Insist on a University, WA authorities investigation and also accident report. In numerous cases, there are absolutely no witnesses and also you and also the other driver might have various variations of exactly how the accident happened. If you do not request a University authorities investigation, you might seriously damage your possibilities of getting complete compensation, or might be criticized for an accident that is not your mistake. University, WA Police officers are not required, nonetheless, to finish a record when there are no injuries and also none of the automobiles has more more than $750 of property damage. They are likewise not needed to prepare a record if the crash happens on private property such as a parking lot

4: Do not move your car while awaiting University, WA police to arrive.

Unless your car poses an immediate hazard to various other traffic, it is necessary that you leave it in the very same placement that it came to rest after the accident. Ask the other driver not to move his or her car up until the University police show up. The solitary essential piece of evidence that the University law enforcement agents has to determining mistake is the placement of the automobiles after the accident.

5: If you are harmed from the car accident, tell the examining University authorities officers.

The first document of your injuries will be contained in the examining policeman's report. If you neglect to state to the University, WA law enforcement officers that you were harmed, it might develop suspicion in the mind of the insurance coverage insurer that you were not hurt. Usually the University policeman will ask if you are harmed. Nonetheless, if the policeman does not ask if you are harmed, or presumes that you are all right, let the policeman know promptly of all injuries or pain.

University, WA 98105 Car Accident Lawyers

University, WA 98105 Car Accident Lawyers

6: Obtain names and also phone number of eyewitnesses.

Often by the time a University law enforcement agents arrives at the scene, witnesses to a crash are gone. For that reason, it is very crucial for you to recognize any kind of automobile accident witnesses and also write down their names, addresses, and also phone number.

7. Submit your car accident report when needed by University, King County or Washington law.

You are not required to file a car accident report when the crash is investigated by a University law enforcement policeman that files a record. You may, nonetheless, file your very own report if you wish or if you disagree with details reported by the policeman. Your report, which is submitted with the Washington State Patrol in Olympia, need to be sent out within 4 days of the automobile accident.

8. If you have a significant injury, do not attempt to resolve your very own auto incident claim.

If you have definitely suffered a significant injury calling for follow-up clinical attention, you really need to think about employing a lawyer to represent you. An experienced injury legal agent will usually make sure that you receive the settlement that is due you, normally more than you will be offered in settlement by insurance protection insurance adjuster, also after lawyer's costs are paid.If you select to approve a negotiation for injury without trying to find legal representation, you may receive a negotiation that does not fairly compensate you for long-term injuries and also damages. When a case is settled, it can never ever before be resumed. The very best guideline is not to authorize a release for a minimum of 6 months following an injury. If you're unsure about whether to resolve, talk with a lawyer that manages injury cases

9: Promptly report your loss to your very own car insurance company, and also the various other driver's insurance company, yet do not offer a declaration to the various other driver's insurance coverage insurer up until you have talked to an automobile accident lawyer.

The probabilities are that a claims insurance adjuster for the various other driver will be assigned to your claim prior to you have been able to preserve an lawyer. This might take place as soon as a day or more after the accident. The insurance adjuster will request consent to take a tape-recorded or created statement.

University, WA Car Accident Lawyer

University, WA Car Accident Lawyer

10. Your time for establishing a car accident claim is limited by legislation. (Statute of Limitations).

For every injury or fatality claim, there is a time period throughout in which you need to file your claim with the court or the claim will be disallowed. This time period restriction is called "statute of limitations".

In Washington State, the time frame for bringing an injury or fatality claim is normally three years from the date of the automobile accident, yet there are a few exceptions. The duration for bringing a case for injury to a child does not start to run till the child's 18th birthday. A case developing out of the fatality of a child, nonetheless, is normally limited to three years.

Although you might have awhile to actually file your injury claim with the court, the sooner you consult with an injury lawyer adhering to an accident, the much more that lawyer can do to assist you on your claim.

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University, WA Car Accident Lawyers
University, WA Car Accident Lawyers

University, WA Car Accident Lawyers