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Dui Lawyers Roanoke
DUI Lawyers Roanoke

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DUI Lawyers in Roanoke, WA

DUI Lawyers in Roanoke, WA


 Washington State Driver License Suspensions

 Arrested? Charged In Roanoke, WA or King County-- Not Actually Your Fault? Driver License Suspended

He has 40+ years experience in defending DUI clients. He has received the highest possible lawyer ratings by the national lawyer rating services: an “AV” rating by Martindale-Hubbell, and a “10-Superb” rating by Avvo.comAvvo - Rate your Lawyer. Get Free Legal Advice. 


He is a former Lynnwood, WA City Prosecutor. He is very experienced, skilled and aggressive lawyer. And affordable. Get the best DUI defense. Get the lawyer you need. Call Roanoke, WA DUI Lawyer Paul Hanson for your Free First Consultation.

DUI Lawyers in Roanoke, WA. Military Discounts

DUI Lawyers in Roanoke, WA. Military Discounts

Unique Roanoke, WA DUI Case Relevant Information

DUI is certainly a serious offense within King County as well as Washington State, the state with the toughest DUI laws in the USA. Right here in Roanoke and King County DUI is a gross misdemeanor crime which carries harsh penalties if declared guilty.

Roanoke, WA DUI Lawyer Paul Hanson examines everything, starting with inaccurate blood and breath alcohol exams, to the arrest location's street conditions, traffic patterns, weather, environmental conditions, and your individual medical disorders which may alter your tests.

Because Roanoke, WA police oversights can result in incorrect traffic stops and inaccurate DUI breath or blood alcohol test results, he will thoroughly investigate all of the case evidence so as to discover truths and evidence which may help your defense and eliminate a DUI judgment of conviction.

Roanoke, WA DUI Lawyer

Being charged with or even founded guilty of a Roanoke, WA DUI can carry severe consequences for you and your household:


 Limitation of driving privileges

 Insurance coverage-- dropped car protection

 Alcohol or drug recovery treatment program


DUI and Physical Control regulations are strictly enforced in Roanoke and King County, Washington. The existing legal restriction for blood liquor content (BAC) is .08 for adults and .02 for those under 21.

The legal restriction for cannabis DUIs is 5 nanograms with regard to blood THC content. Nevertheless, you can nevertheless be actually charged with DUI even though you are below these particular limits if the King County Prosecutor can present that you were "had an effect on" or even "impaired" by any quantity of liquor, drugs, or even each.

You can additionally be actually founded guilty of "physical control of motor vehicle while intoxicated," even though you may not be actually driving the motor vehicle in Roanoke or even King County back then of your arrest.

DUI Lawyers in Roanoke & King County

DUI Lawyers in Roanoke & King County

Roanoke, WA 98039 DUI Lawyers
Roanoke, Washington DUI Lawyers
Roanoke, WA 98039 and King County DUI Lawyers