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Dui Lawyers Preston
DUI Lawyers Preston

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DUI Lawyers in Preston, WA

DUI Lawyers in Preston, WA


 Washington State Driver License Revocations

He has 40+ years experience in defending DUI clients. He has received the highest possible lawyer ratings by the national lawyer rating services: an “AV” rating by Martindale-Hubbell, and a “10-Superb” rating by Avvo.comAvvo - Rate your Lawyer. Get Free Legal Advice. 


He is a former Lynnwood, WA City Prosecutor. He is very experienced, skilled and aggressive lawyer. And affordable. Get the best DUI defense. Get the lawyer you need. Call Preston, WA DUI Lawyer Paul Hanson for your Free First Consultation.

DUI Lawyers in Preston, WA. Military Discounts

DUI Lawyers in Preston, WA. Military Discounts

Significant Preston, WA DUI Case Information

DUI is without a doubt a significant offense throughout King County as well as Washington State, the state with the hardest DUI laws in the USA. Here in Preston and King County DUI is a gross misdemeanor crime that holds harsh penalties if convicted.

Preston, WA DUI Lawyer Paul Hanson looks into everything, from inaccurate blood and breath alcohol evaluations, to the arrest location's road conditions, traffic patterns, weather, environmental conditions, and also your individual medical conditions that may impact your tests.

Considering that Preston, WA law enforcement oversights are able to result in improper traffic stops and also inaccurate DUI breath or blood alcohol test results, he will extensively evaluate all of the case evidence so as to find facts and evidence which can help your defense and also eliminate a DUI judgment of conviction.

Preston, WA DUI Lawyer

Being charged along with or even sentenced of a Preston, WA DUI may carry major effects for you and also your loved ones:

King County or Washington State Prison time

 Mandatory electronic home monitoring (EHM)

 Washington State Driver's license suspension or even revocation

 Insurance-- lost auto protection

 Liquor or substance rehabilitation therapy

Absolutely no admittance in to Canada


DUI Lawyers in Preston & King County

DUI Lawyers in Preston & King County

Preston, WA 98050 DUI Lawyers
Preston, Washington DUI Lawyers
Preston, WA 98050 and King County DUI Lawyers