Edmonds Criminal Defense Lawyers

May 23rd, 2016



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Edmonds Criminal Defense Lawyers

Edmonds Criminal Defense Lawyers

Edmonds criminal charge? Need to get old criminal conviction/arrest expunged off your record?  Get the best defense. Get a very experienced Edmonds criminal defense lawyer to help you.

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Edmonds criminal defense lawyer attorney Paul Hanson has 31 years experience defending Edmonds criminal charges. And in the other municipal and district courts of Snohomish County. He also helps clients get old criminal convictions expunged off their records.

Edmonds attorney Paul Hanson has received the highest lawyer ratings by the national lawyer rating services: “AV" rating by Martindale-Hubbell and a “10-Superb" rating by Avvo.com.  He is a former Lynnwood City Prosecutor.

Edmonds Municipal Court hears all Edmonds criminal charges. The court is located in downtown Edmonds.  The Edmond"s court"s address and telephone number:

Edmonds Municipal Court
121 – 5th Avenue North
Edmonds,WA 98020
Tel. (425) 771-0210   

The Edmonds City Prosecutor handles all Edmonds criminal charges.  The Edmonds City Prosecutor is the Edmonds law firm of Zachor -Thomas, Attorneys at Law.  

Call Edmonds criminal lawyer attorney Paul Hanson at 425-778-7339 for your Free First Consultation on your Edmonds case.


Hiring a very experienced Criminal Defense lawyer attorney does not have to be unreasonably expensive.  Attorney Paul Hanson"s  fees / case costs are very reasonable, especially when compared to other local attorneys with far less experience. And very reasonable when compared to the total costs of a criminal conviction: the court fines and costs, the court probation fees, and the court costs.  And for your convenience, he accepts case payments in cash, money orders or local personal checks.

It costs you nothing to talk with Edmonds attorney Paul Hanson about your criminal case. He offers a FREE first phone or office consultations. He"ll give you an immediate assessment of your case and possible defenses.

Call Edmonds criminal defense lawyer attorney Paul Hanson for your free first consultation.

Call 425-778-7339
Email:  attypaulhanson@aol.com.

Edmonds, WA Criminal Charges

Edmonds, WA Criminal Charges

So if you"ve been arrested/charged with a criminal offense, you should never  just automatically plead guilty.  There are always other, much better options. Even in the toughest cases.

Fight vigorously for your legal defense rights and learn about all your legal options.  Edmonds criminal defense lawyer attorney Paul Hanson is committed to all clients he represents. He carefully investigates and analyzes every client"s criminal case. And then works hard to build the strongest possible case defense.

Call Edmonds Criminal  lawyer attorney Paul Hanson for your Free First Consultation.

 Call: 425-778-7339  email: attypaulhanson@aol.com

Edmonds, WA Criminal Laws

Edmonds, WA Criminal Laws

Edmonds Criminal Defense Lawyers

Edmonds Criminal Defense Lawyers


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