The Importance of Always Fighting a Traffic Ticket (Click Here)

Motorists with bad driving records pay an average of $2,005 annually for car insurance, while drivers with good records pay an average of $1,483 for auto insurance, according to the 2021 study by Insurify, Insuring the American Driver Report – Trends in Costs & Coverage. Just a single traffic ticket can result in an average rate increase of 35%. Especially for single drivers under age 26 and all seniors over age 70.

Here is a summary of how much a driving violation can increase auto insurance rates, according to Insurify.

Failure to stop at a red light: + 27%

Speeding: + 28.4%

Failure to stop at a stop sign: + 29.3%

At-fault accident: + 35%

Negligent Driving: + 39.5%

Failure to stop for a school bus: + 47.8%

Careless driving: + 47.8%

Tailgating: +48.7%

DUI: +96.6%

Lynnwood DUI Lawyer Paul Hanson

Lynnwood Traffic Ticket Lawyer Paul Hanson

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