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Alderwood Manor Auto Accident Lawyers
Alderwood Manor Auto Accident Lawyers

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Alderwood Manor Auto Accident Lawyers

Hurt in an auto accident not your fault? The at fault driver's insurance firm being really unfair and also very difficult? Or possibly your very own insurance company? Get a very knowledgeable Alderwood Manor auto accident injury case lawyer so as to help you.

Lawyer Hanson has over 35 years experience really helping Alderwood Manor drivers and even passengers harmed in car/auto accidents not their fault. He is very effective in dealing and also bargaining with auto insurance companies & their accident claims adjusters. Alderwood Manor Auto Accident Lawyer Hanson and also his quite experienced paralegal staff are able to obtain fair as well as timely $ accident insurance claim resolutions for injured clients. These experts will certainly work hard so as to obtain a fair insurance claim settlement for you.

Several of Lawyer Hanson's Typical Auto Accident Injury Insurance Claim Settlements:

**My auto accident cases range in size from my employee's minor rear end collision $10,500 case settlement up to a half a million dollars for a very serious head on collision.

February 2017

Obtained $25,000 insurance settlement from Gallagher Bassett Services / Old Republic Insurance for client in Lynnwood I-5 rear end collision with neck injuries.

June 2015

Obtained $44,900.00 insurance settlement from Omni Insurance and the Hartford Insurance Companies for client in Mountlake Terrace rear end collision with neck and shoulder injuries.

March 2015

Obtained $63,000.00 insurance settlement from Progressive Insurance for client in Lynnwood rear end collision with neck and back injuries.

December 2014

Obtained a $25,000.00 insurance claim settlement from State Farm Insurance for client in Everett rear end collision with neck and back injuries.

Do not try to handle your Alderwood Manor auto accident injury claim without a lawyer. Hiring an experienced car/auto accident lawyer to help you with your auto accident injury insurance claim will always result in much better service, a much quicker claim settlement, and much more $ money in your hands from the insurance company.

Lawyer Hanson has received the highest possible ratings from the national lawyer rating services. An “AV" rating from Martindale-Hubbell and a “10-Superb" rating from He is a former Lynnwood City Prosecutor. He is very experienced,

Auto Accident Lawyers Alderwood Manor and Snohomish County

Auto Accident Lawyers Alderwood Manor and Snohomish County

aggressive, affordable & conveniently located not far from Alderwood Manor.Contingency Lawyer Fee only.  If no insurance claim settlement obtained, then no Lawyer fee charged you (only case costs). Lawyer fee charged ONLY if your auto insurance claim settles with the insurance company and you receive compensation $ money for your injuries.SPECIAL CAR/AUTO ACCIDENT INFORMATIONIf you are in a car/auto accident involving injuries or property damage, there are certain things you should follow. These actions will help you avoid future hassles with insurance claims adjusters and help you obtain fair $ compensation for your bodily injuries and property damages.1. If you are injured, immediately obtain needed medical treatment.

If you are injured in an auto accident, immediately obtain all needed medical treatment. Go to the nearest Alderwood Manor hospital emergency room, or to your personal physician. An auto accident injury, if untreated, may become substantially worse and take longer to heal. And if you fail to promptly seek medical treatment, the at fault driver's insurance claims adjuster may later suspect that your delay meant that you weren't really injured. Then greatly discount your accident injury claim's $ value.

2. Assist the injured.

If someone is seriously injured, call 911 or the Alderwood Manor police and tell them an ambulance is needed. Make the injured person as comfortable as

Auto Accident Lawyers Alderwood Manor and Snohomish County

Auto Accident Lawyers Alderwood Manor and Snohomish County

possible, but do not move him or her unless its absolutely necessary to avoid further injury.3.  Call 911. Insist on a Alderwood Manor police investigation and accident report.In many cases, there are no witnesses and you and the other driver may have conflicting versions of how the accident occurred. If you do not request a Alderwood Manor police investigation, you may seriously hurt your chances of getting full compensation, or may be blamed for an accident that is not your fault. Alderwood Manor Police are not required, however, to file a report when there are no injuries and none of the vehicles has more more than $750 of property damage. They are also not required to prepare a report if the collision occurs on private property such as a parking lot.4. Do not move your auto while waiting for Alderwood Manor police to arrive.Unless your vehicle poses an immediate hazard to other traffic, it is important that you leave it in the same position that it came to rest after the accident. Ask the other driver not to move his or her vehicle until the Alderwood Manor police arrive. The single most important piece of evidence that the Alderwood Manor police officer has to determining fault is the position of the vehicles after the accident.5. If you are injured, tell the investigating Alderwood Manor police officers.

The first record of your injuries will be contained in the investigating officer's report. If you fail to mention to the Alderwood Manor police officer that you were injured, it may create suspicion in the mind of the insurance adjuster that you were not hurt. Ordinarily the Alderwood Manor officer will ask if you are injured. However, if the officer does not ask if you are injured, or assumes that you are all right, let the officer know immediately of all injuries or pain.

6. Obtain names and telephone numbers of eyewitnesses.

Often by the time a Alderwood Manor police officer arrives at the scene, witnesses to a collision are gone. Therefore, it is very important for you to identify any auto accident witnesses and write down their names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

7. File your accident report when required by law.

You are not required to file an accident report when the collision is investigated by a Alderwood Manor law enforcement officer who files a report. You may, however, file your own report if you wish or if you disagree with details reported by the officer. Your report, which is filed with the

Auto Accident Lawyers Alderwood Manor and Snohomish County

Auto Accident Lawyers Alderwood Manor and Snohomish County

Washington State Patrol in Olympia, must be sent within four days of the auto accident.
8. If you have a serious injury, do not try to settle your own car mishap claim.If you have suffered a serious injury requiring follow-up medical attention, you need to consider hiring a lawyer to represent you. A skilled accident attorney will normally ensure that you get the compensation that is due you, typically more than you will be provided in settlement by insurance adjuster, even after attorney's costs are paid.If you choose to accept a settlement for injury without looking for legal representation, you might get a settlement that does not fairly compensate you for long-term injuries and damages. As soon as a claim is settled, it can never ever be reopened. The very best rule is not to sign a release for at least six months following an injury. If you doubt about whether to settle, talk to a lawyer who handles accident cases.9. Promptly report your loss to your own insurance company, and the other driver's insurance company, but do not give a statement to the other driver's insurance adjuster until you have talked to an auto accident lawyer.

The odds are that a claims adjuster for the other driver will be assigned to your claim before you have been able to retain an lawyer. This may happen as soon as a day or two after the accident. The adjuster will request permission to take a recorded or written statement.

10. Your time for making an auto accident claim is limited by law. (Statute of Limitations)

For every injury or death claim, there is a period of time during which you must file your claim with the court or the claim will be barred. This time limit is called “statute of limitations".

In Washington State, the period for bringing an injury or death claim is usually three years from the date of the auto accident, but there are some exceptions. The period for bringing a claim for injury to a child does not begin to run until the child's 18th birthday. A claim arising out of the death of a child, however, is usually limited to three years.

Although you may have awhile to actually file your injury claim with the court, the sooner you consult with a personal injury lawyer following an accident, the more that lawyer can do to help you on your claim.

Need a Alderwood Manor Auto Accident Lawyer? First Phone or Office Consulation Free

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Alderwood Manor Auto Accident Lawyers