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Paul Hanson: Bothell Auto Accident Lawyer

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Auto Accident Lawyers Bothell

Bothell Auto Accident? Free First Phone or Office Legal Consulation

Bothell auto accident lawyer Paul Hanson has 31 years experience defending auto accidents. He practices in all the district and municipal courts.

Worried about much higher $ auto insurance rates? Get the best defense.  Hire an experienced, aggressive & affordable accident lawyer to help you fight. Lawyer Hanson has over 30 years experience helping clients successfully fight.

Bothell auto Accident Lawyer Paul Hanson

Bothell Auto Accident Lawyer Paul Hanson

Reasonable Fees

Hiring an auto accident lawyer does not have to be expensive.  Bothell Lawyer Paul Hanson's fees/case costs are very reasonable, especially when you compare them to the greatly increased auto insurance $ rates. Hanson accepts payments in cash, money orders and local personal checks for your convenience.

FREE First Consultation

It costs you nothing to talk with Bothell lawyer Paul Hanson about your case. He'll give you an immediate assessment of your possible accident defenses.

Bothell auto Accident Lawyer

Bothell Auto Accident Lawyer


Bothell Auto Accident? Free First Phone or Office Legal Consulation